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GBwhatsapp Apk Download 

Do you know WhatsApp mission was to replace SMS to WhatsApp messages and they did it. Nowadays we don’t use SMS we use WhatsApp for sending any message because it is better than SMS.

IF you are looking for an app for whatsapp groups, Whatsapp Dare and saving whatsapp status then Install whatsfly on your android smartphone

If you are not satisfied with WhatsApp features then you use gbwhatsapp. It is a really amazing app.

What is Gbwhatsapp?

Gbwhatsapp Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp by Gbmods. Gbmods just add some features that WhatsApp does not have. Features like changing themes, dnd services etc. It makes a perfect WhatsApp alternative app. This app only available for Android users.

Limitations of Gbwhatsapp

Speed is slow as compare to original WhatsApp

I think you should not use it because it is the third party may be the app is stealing your personal data may be not.

Look developer is not free to view everyone messages but there are some companies in the world who buy this data and then create the product by understanding user behavior.


Go to Download Link

App Name GWhatsApp

Version 6.85

App Size 28MB



Root Required No